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Car Window Etching Machines History 1979-1992

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For marking, registration and V.I.N. numbers on car windows, and other glass - plastic surfaces.

V.I.N. = Vehicle identification number, or chassis number.

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             Detailed view, above, of the sandblast machine.

              Exported to 53 countries worldwide


Suitable for cars, trucks, mobile homes, boats, caravans, motorbikes, industrial plant, etc etc. 

    Model 2012-AT18



       Detailed view, above, of the complete kit.

 Garage owners if  you etch just 10 vehicles a day @ 50 Pounds each  = 500.00 per day, 2500 per week, 130,000 per year, cost of this kit,

                  Only, 2695 Pounds Sterling each, plus delivery,

Plus VAT 20%  U.K. and Europe

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            Autogard u.k. ltd   Box 1257 Walsall

             West Midlands WS1 2YQ England.


                        Tel 01543-250838             

                 International + 44 (0) 1543-250838



             U.K. and EEC plus U.K. VAT 20%, requires a small air compressor.

                                 All machines are custom made, hand built for quality and long life, manufacture time 2-3 weeks.


      Etching machine, engraving a car window, in under 10 seconds.

      Autogard anti theft security system.


Contents and design, may vary

           Long life brass stencils with double check capability ( picture above old stencil set 1979-1992)

The sandblast unit will run off any standard garage compressor, at a pressure of 80-100psi @ 3 cfm. Full instructions with the kit makes the sandblasting unit and stencils very easy to use. No previous knowledge of engraving or working on cars is needed. The unit has been tried and tested throughout the world for many years but only now has it been offered for sale with no franchise fees or additional costs. An average vehicle will take only ten minutes to engrave with standard 6mm stencils.

Use this quality equipment for the neatest etch with minimal grit loss.

Each set contains

1 153 re-usable stencils

2 Recycling sandblast gun

3 Duster and etching grit, 5kg

4 Full instructions

5 Aluminium case and stencil box

6 Mask and glasses

7 Spare parts

8 Tools and misc parts


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Start your own business, or add another profit centre to your existing business.


As used by most main dealers, Ford, G.M., Jaguar, Peugeot Talbot, Citroen, Mercedes, SAAB, Fiat, Toyota, Honda, Mazda etc etc etc.


Polishing Mops

Glass Polishing

Optional Extras

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