Glass Scratch Remover - Polish

for light scratches on glass etc

100 Grams-1Kg

Autogard (u.k.) ltd.

Est 1982



Sizes 100g - 1000g

Free Post/Packing, U.K. only, including U.K. vat



Sizes 100g - 1000g

Price including normal air mail, small packet, post

Normal air mail to, Europe and none Europe, U.S.A, Canada, Asia, Africa, Australia, rest of the world,

excluding any import duty


 Glass polish, this is NOT a reducer but as a final polish, factory direct.

Instructions are enclosed, for glass etc

 Cerium Oxide compound, general glass polishing compound,

for use on soda glass, toughened and laminated.

 Probably the very best and finest glass polishing compound known in the world.

 Also for use in optical, Lapidary and in tumblers.

 This product can be used to remove buffs and light scratches from glass.


if you can feel a scratch with you fingernail it might be far too deep to polish out

 Also known as the famous X050 No 16 Compound

 Now available to all in small quantities, you buy, factory direct.

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